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All photos by me.

I’m a book person. If I’m not taking photos or editing them on my computer, then you can provably find me reading, or either searching for books to read. I came across with the whole “bookstagramming” and “booktube” thing a few months ago and I completely fell in love with all this movement. So as a person who loves to talk about what she reads, I realized that maybe I could do it, too, and just went for it. I created an Instagram account especially for books and literary content related stuff (also movies and any kind of cute merchandising), it’s @creadsbooks. Not so original, I know, but it does the job. I’m so excited about it, I’ve already posted a bunch of pics of books that I read recently. I really can’t wait to finish the one I’m reading right now and tell my opinion (or write a review).
I think combining photography and literature is such a great idea. Since Instagram is one of the most popular ways of sharing our lives through social media, it could be the best way to motivate young people to start reading and introduce them in this magical and beautiful world that is literature.

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