Printing Memories

printing memories
All photos: taken by me and friends // edited by me.

When I think about my photography I think about my friends and family. When I form new photograph composition ideas in my head I always keep in mind nature and people, because I believe that's what makes my photography unique. I like to capture every moment I spend with the special people to me, that's Why I usually keep my camera with me when I meet my friends or go to some familiar celebration. 
 When I share content on my blog I think of photography as a priority, the visual part always comes first, and then the text. I like writing, but I think of words as a complement to the story I'm visually telling. I'm a firm believer that a picture paints a thousand words and you only need a few captures to share what you did in one day or how you spent your afternoon. You can even show the world how you feel about one certain topic, give your opinion about something or express your most deep emotions with a photo. 
 In my case, I like to share my experiences and other people’s, as well as more artistic content which involves a lot (and by a lot I mean maybe too much) flowers and nature locations. It's all about finding the best people and the best places you can and creating images that speak for themselves. If life is a journey, my camera is the best company. 
It's incredible how easy it can be to tell someone you love them with just a photo and a few words, you don't even need to write a 700-word letter! (In case you don't wanna do that). You just have to buy a cute card and pic a photo that represents perfectly what you have to say. In this case, the best option for me is a website called Paperless Post, they have tons of desings, and you can even customize your own. 
And that's it, you're sharing something with a person you love, which in some way is like telling a story, and you did it all through photography and graphics. 
I like to take photos of happy people and happy moments, and I also like to make people happy with what I do. A photo is a lot more than just a bunch of pixels or a piece of paper, it represents a special occasion in your life or a beutiful memory, and the best part is sharing these moments with the ones you love. 
 On this 21th century we’re living in it is easier to do it: we have tools like Instagram or Facebook that make the task of “sharing” so much faster and comfortable. If you want to send an invitation to a birthday party, you can do it via social media or use online invitations and create your own desings, which you can also print. You can find some of my favorites here: birthday invitations. However you do it, it’s pretty obvious that the visual part will always prevail, basically because it’s what gets the most of your attention and what makes you feel a certain way and not another.
I love printing my photos (mainly in the "polaroid" shape, I think it's more "me"), I call it "printing memories", since every photo reminds me of a past experience. I try to print as many of the photos as I can and then I hang them on my bedroom's wall. 
I like to think of my visual projects as a reflection of my persona, who I am and my values. I’m not only capturing a moment or taking a portrait, at the same time I’m showing my essence through my creations. I think that’s the most beautiful part of what I do: there’s a piece of me in every photo I take, and seeing how everyone loves them makes me the happiest person on Earth.

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