Sorry Taylor, I think I'm gonna have to make some changes on your lyrics. It's not that I don't like your song, it's just that I think the woods aren't that bad to the point of wanting to be out of them (if that makes any sense).
The thing is that if I had to choose between "into the woods" or out of them, I'd probably prefer "in". And here's the prove.
Nature has always been the key to human survival (many tv shows demonstrate it), so yes, it's pretty important for us (or at least it should be). Personally, I highly recommend it as a way to avoid all the stress from school, exams or work. Trust me, it works. If you feel like your brain is going to explode, go to the mountain, to the forest or even a park, and if you can't, then just buy a cactus, at least it will make your bedroom look cuter.

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WEARING>> Sweater: Pull&Bear, Pants + Shoes: Stradivarius


  1. lovely look!


  2. I love photos! So nice and calm:)


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