Or should I say black and white? 

There's a little controversy when in using these specific colors. Black and white are one of those couples that you can see holding hands one day, and at the next having a big discussion. They can go perfectly together or be worst combination you have ever seen. But the good thing is, it all depends on you.

Yes, you heard well. What better person than you to choose how to make those two  friends fall in love? (ok claudia, stop with those metaphors).

If you're like me, we'll both agree in which the first rule of fashion is: "you can read about it, but the key is experimenting". The same thing happens with colors, shapes, patterns and all the "fashion stuff". Black and white can cause a little bit of trouble at first, but after some good outfits and some fails too, maybe you get "good at them" and they finally end up being your best friends.

Because we all know there's not a long distance between friendship and love.

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  1. Me encanta ese jersey! Yo también lo tengo! :) http://coffeetimeinlondon.blogspot.com.es/


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