The most wonderful time of the year. This is how Andy Williams described Christmas a long time ago, and it was so good, that it hasn't been changed. Christmas was wonderful 50 years ago, and it's still wonderful today.

What a better way to celebrate it's officially December than making a Christmas Wishlist? We can finally say in some days we'll be looking under the tree to see what Santa has brought us this year. This is "the Christmas month", so obviously it means it's time to start thinking what we want him to gift us, let me show you some ideas:

1. A simple and elegant camel coat is the best choice during the cold days, so I've chosen this one from Zara.
2. Sweet and delicious treats are my favourite food for Christmas, so it wouldn't be bad to get some cute cupcakes too...
3. Some candles to relax while I watch a Christmas movie and eat some chocolate. I love this ones from H&M.
4. My main love. This Nikon D5100. 
5. This basic booties to keep my feet warm and stylish at the same time. They are from Zara too.
6. A record player, my favourite thing of all the wishlist with no doubt. This one is from Urban Outfitters and it is SO CUTE! 
7. To increase my fashion culture, the "Vogue covers" book. 
8. The best artist to supplement a record player, Lana del Rey. Her new album Ultraviolence would be the best option.
9. Of coarse, Ygritte couldn't be left. She has been my favourite character of Game of Thrones since I started watching it and I'm obsessed with this mini representation of her.
10. A little accessory to wear on Christmas Day. It's also from Zara (I love Zara).
11. A bunch of lipsticks because a little make up never goes that bad. They're all from Tarte.

And what about you? Have you already made your Christmas Wishlist? Because maybe you should...


  1. Awesome list :)


  2. Love whislist!

  3. #1 and #5 are my favorites, and I wouldn't mind some holiday cupcakes either ;)



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