Despite the fact that the word "Fall" is probably appearing in almost all my laltest posts, let me say something more about it. And for sure, it includes a question too: What does Fall give us? Fall gives us cold days, apple picking, Halloween, pumpkin spice lattes, and videos. 

Yes, you heard well: videos. Fall inspired videos.Because from all the things Fall gives us, inspiration is the best. And by inspiration I mean the chance of breathing fresh air while running into the woods, brown leaves and cinnamon candles, outfits,
and outfits inspired in all those things:


  1. I know you're spanish (I am, too) but you write in english so I thought I would comment in English too haha
    I really liked the video, I think my favourite outfit is the last one, I really loved that jumper you wore :) and I understand what you wrote about, I think autumn is all about inspiration too
    I hope you can visit my blog, kisses!


    1. Muchisimas gracias! (and thanks haha) Me encanta tu blog!! el último post és impresionante :)

  2. The video is wonderful! I really love outfit two, although I loved everything, You're so adorable, and you're so pretty when you smile! The background is very beautiful too, especially on look three - how can the streets be that empty? Your accent is so cute too. I literally blushed when you first spoke! Fall has always been my favorite - too bad the weather here is just 'hot', and 'hot with brutal rain'. Looking forward to more videos! xx


    1. Thank you so much! You are so cuteee :)


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