In spite of what some of you may think, no, we're not back in summer. Unfortunately... Even if we all know that I absolutely love Fall, It wouldn't be bad to enjoy the sunny days again. At least there's one thing to say in the middle of all this melancholy: there are still some days for sunglasses, which of course, I take advantage of. 

Shorts are another one of those things I will be wearing during these mid-summer/ mid-fall days. And the fact that it is freezing out in the morning and super hot in the mid-day is one of the things that pushes me to do it. And now, because of the stress that 9th grade of high school produces me, I'm gonna stop this here and let you procrastinate again (or at least that's what I was doing until I realized I have homework to do).

(jacket and shorts: Pull & Bear, t-shirt: Massimo Dutty, shoes: Marypaz, sunnies: Bijou Brigitte)


  1. I love the brown leather and black boots, perfect pieces for Fall!!

    xx freshfizzle

  2. Lovely outfit! It's a perfect transitional outfit- not too dressy, not too underdressed, and it wouldn't be too hot or too cold! The jacket is really great.



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