There's a folder in my computer called "insp". It is full of photos that I find scrolling through web pages on the internet, and searching for interesting and cool ideas which inspire me when I put myself at planning another blog post or any project. Because this is what they are for me: inspiration.

And they are who I go for when I'm stuck in a lack-of-inspiration mood (what happens a lot since I started high school) or when I simply want to write and let my mind fly away (yes I know this sounds too melodramatic) but I don't know what to say or how to do it. Let's just say that all this bunch of inspirational stuff is my gentle nudge to jump into the pool.

So, I was sitting in front of my computer with such red eyes, and when they were almost to fall off I had an idea: what if I could bring that little box fitted in the left side of my computer screen to real life? 

Well, I did. Let me show you...

So what I basically did was a collage. I chose from all the photos the most colorful ones and chopped them into little pieces, then I put them all together in a picture frame and voilĂ ! The result was the prove that the perfect picture for a picture frame is, you know, no picture. Or maybe a lot of them... 

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