Last times for sunglasses but first times for beanies although. That's what fall means. While it starts freezing out, the sun is still brightening. So we can be extremely cold but also have to close our eyes because of the dazzling light.

How can we get a solution for that? Easy: sunnies and beanies. They're here to save our lives during these strange weather days and they're also a great combination, so why don't use it? I do it rocking a pair of ripped jeans, which I ripped myself by the way, and a burgundy leather jacket. Perfect colors for this season. 

And now because of the Fall mood I'm in, let me go watch Halloween Town and eat lots of apples. Just kidding. I've watched Halloween Town too many times, so maybe I'll chose Hocus Pocus this time...


  1. ACTUALLY! I find I wear sunglasses a lot in winter. Damn low-unflattering-bright light!

    So with you on hats though, hat season is a coming!

    Emma x


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