You know what every boy or girl would answer if you asked them if they like going to school, and that answer is, obviously, "no". But you don't know what I would respond to that question (or maybe you do). My answer would probably be "yes".

And no, I don't like waking up at 7:00 am every morning to see my face on the mirror and realize that it needs 5 more hours of sleep, and I don't like being seated on a chair for 6 hours feeling that my ass isn't in the ass's place.

But wait a minute, it's possible that I don't like going to school at all, but I like getting dressed up to go to school, even if sometimes that means spending 20 minutes in front of the closet trying to figure out what to wear. You know, teenage problems..

Anyways, here's how I did it for the first day:
 (t-shirt: Pull&Bear, shorts: Pull&Bear, shoes: Zara, backpack: Blanco)

The look was very simple and I would like to say that it had a Parisian touch with the hat and the stripes. I didn't wear the hat to school because you know, who needs a hat at school? But it looked awesome with all the outfit so I added it anyway. 


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