Maybe a little too much

It’s obviously the massive use of black in this outfit, and it’s also obviously the extremely similarity between me and Taissa Farmiga in American Horror Story Coven, and I love it. The outfit and AHS, both, because that’s what I’ve tried to get: a simply but completed combination of clothing that remembers me to that character. And apart from that I’ve took these photos in the door of my garage, I think I’ve done it well, so overcome challenge!
But for those who live in another planet or simply hate horror films/TV shows, I’m going to explain you a little bit about this amazing program (spoiler alert!). The story plot goes around a coven where witches had been hidden during years and years since Salem’s witch trials. The coven has one supreme, and it changes every generation so the group of witches will make their best to be the future ones. And it also includes voodoo, a minotaur and another terrorific things that you will discover if you watch it.

claudia xx

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