Bohemian Spirit (Coachella Inspiration)

During this festival days most part of me (every part of me) wishes to be at Coachella. My sister and I spend the days watching and reviewing every photo and video from there, and it is just a supposition but I think i'll become addicted to it. Because this is what Coachella is, addictive. Music, sun, party and awesome clothes, what else can you ask for? 
In a few words, Coachella is just the perfect place to let your bohemian spirit bloom.

 see you soon xx

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  1. love it :)


  2. Coachella is like boho heaven in festival form - everyone (including me!) wants to be at such an amazing event! I love the venue, the vibe, the musicians (especially HAIM!) and most of all, the fashion. I also have an obsession for looking at pictures of everyone's outfits there. I love the 3rd photos so much! AAAHHH I LOVE COACHELLA!



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