Babydoll dress

dress - Asos / shoes - Mustang

 I know w're in fall, but this is not what it seems here where I live, because I don't know why but it stills so hot, and that's why I keep wearing summer clothing. I really love this babydoll dress, it was my first bought from Asos some months ago. I like the form of the dress but I'm also in love with this psychodelic print. I like to wear it with converse shoes cause it's more comfortable but it looks more dressy with ankle boots or flats.
Finally I want to tell you that my last outfit appears in the Marie Claire's web blogselection, so if you liked it you can vote in here. :)

See you soon! :D

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  1. You wore this dress beautifully.

  2. I'm so jealous! It's really cold here, already :(
    I never knew this kind of dresses were called 'babydoll' dresses. Good to know xD It looks lovely on you!

    Have a great weekend,


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