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Summer is almost over, but I’m so ready for Fall. This time I’ve partered with this shop called Zaful  to show you some of my essentials for this coming Fall, which includes lots of brown tones and retro dresses. These are my three musts on the top of my list:


My first favorite is actually a set of two pieces. They come together and are the combination of a tube crop top and a pair of high waisted flowy pants. I really like the vibe of this set. The color is still brown, and what I like the most is that you can still wear both pieces separately and combine them with other items. I’d probably add a pair of gladiator sandals, a maxi collar and a hat to go for a bohemian look.

The second item is also a dress, and it has flowers on it too. I know, very original. In case you haven’t noticed, I really like flowers. Yet the shape is so different from the first dress, it keeps that Fall vibe with the browns and dark reds. Since this is more like a Summer dress, I would pair it with a wool cardigan, combat boots with some pale brown socks and a hat to give it that Fall look and keep myself warm.

I like how this dress combines flowers, which normally are really bright and colorful, with nude tones. I consider myself a big fan of autumnal colors, and if I had to choose one favorite color, I’d go for the brown. I know it’s not the typical “favorite color”, but I really love these warm reds and browns, they remind me of a hot capuccino and a soft blanket. I think this dress is perfect for that transition period from Summer to Fall, and that’s why it is on the top of my list.

I like to consider myself more of a “edgy person”, I love Fall and I’m so happy for it coming. Even though I don’t want Summer to end, I can’t wait to put on all my Fall outfits, and these three items are definitely on my list. Good news for me, Zaful has now lots of items on sale and free shipping, which I think is a really good deal. You can check it out by clicking on the picture right down here or taking a look in their blog here.


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All clothing: Rosegal.

I recently participated in a collaboration with a shop called Rosegal. I know collaborations are often seen by readers with negative eyes, as if it is some sort of corruption of the blogger’s “essence”. I don’t think that way, and see partering with companies as an oportunity to grow in your field and show your talent and your blog, which you’ve spent hours and a lot of hard work on, and is, for sure, something you’re really proud of. So you deserve your work to be recognized, and companies help you on that.
That said, I’m going to introduce you a bit of the clothing I got at Rosegal. I hadn’t done any collaboration with a fashion company before, so it was all pretty new to me, but I’m glad I accepted because the clothes actually surprised be, in a good way. They were pretty much what I was expecting from the moment I saw the pictures in their webpage, and I swear they have so many cool things. Take a look at their white rompers if you want to prove it by yourself.
I got three things, all of them Summer pieces that I couldn’t wait to wear.

The first one is this burgundy bikini set, which is exactly as it looked on the photos on their website. It fits perfectly, though I got a bigger size (M) just in case, and I’m glad I did that, because chinese sizes tend to be a little bit smaller. I really like it and I’ve already worn it once actually, I wouldn’t say the fabric is the best for water, but it works.

This is my favorite item from the three I got. It’s a perfect NY USA baseball cap, it was unique size and fits perfectly as well, and I think is the coolest thing I’ve seen. It reminds me a lot of the 90s and Lana del Rey (she wears baseball caps all the time), and it is totally of my style so… good choice, Claudia.


Lastly I got this white and blue romper with mini stripes on it. It looks pretty nice with some white sandals and my red purse from Zara. The fabric is cotton 100%, which is something that I always look for when I’m buying clothes. I prefer quality before quantity, and this romper passes all my quality tests.

So this is all for my first collaboration, I’m really proud of my choices for now, and I’m happy to say that new things are coming, so stay tuned! 

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